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WE are ALL Wholly INterconnected WITH everyone & everything... or are we each, really??

WE are Humans, Wholly INterconnected Creations of Energy/Spirit WITH Higher, much MORE POWERFUL, Selves living in temporary homes we call bodies.

WE are not puppet$ to be $trung to $y$tem$ and bandwagoned plan$ waving fal$e flag$ with pride (considered to be the root of all sin in MANY religions & spiritual realms that choose NOT adhere to egoic, divisive, age-old warring religiositie$ & belief$).

Freewill is birthrighted & provides each of us with the ability & capability to get to know Ourselves collectively much better than we have intentionally ever been taught.

Choosing what we seek & learn for ourselves greatly affects each & ALL far more than the collectively is currently aware.

#Healy helps us see & hear "it" for ourselves

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