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We Got This: Empathy is true unconditional love & is the Divine Nature IN each of US

WE got this, empathy is true unconditional love & is the Divine Nature in US ALL, each & every HUman & WOman soul.

We INnately are growing INto knowing OURSELVES and each of our gifts better & showing the collective how to feel again.

Protector modes & triggers are so gravely misunderstood, especially the negative self talk we project upon others unconsciously that directly affect us autonomically.

Go easy on yourself & others.

Unconditional love, forgiveness, healing, & evolutionary change only happens from withIN & thus radiates out.

Self care is keystone to Whole Health & WELL BEING.

Weighting INternal attachments & negative belief systems that do not serve us well are being released.

Feel all the feels and allow them to freely flow without allowing to pull oneself down into the vortex of stress, depression, & anxiety.

Ground yourself outside ON the earth.

Salt baths help pull low negative energies from the body through the skin.

Water's negative ions draw out trapped positive ions of invisible & inaudible toxic frequencies from the body.

Drink plenty of water.

The Body absorbs only about 3 ounces of water every half hour.

Too little or too much water also changes the saline content in our body to cell damaging levels.

Moderation & INtuitive flow is key to everything that most on rigorous schedules are not aware of the connection to low energy & mental & physical symptoms of dis-ease states popping up attempting to alert that dis-homeostasis of energy is out of healthy proportions.

Meditate or pray in motion, they are the same thing with different names performed very differently by different people depending on their self created INTENTIONS.

Know that where attention goes, energy flows, and while opposites do attract it is like that heals like, according to the vast WELL known Homeopathy materia medica.

Simply finding the breath, aligning the heart, & breathing fluidly, fully, & naturally allows oneself to learn how to feel the flow of energy moving & even when trapping in the body.

Healing frequencies & binaural beats ate scientifically proven to heal the brain & neurological systems.

And if you ever just need to vent or process you can find me here, in Messenger, on Telegram, Signal & feel free to find out a little bit more about me & what I do at


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