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WE TOGETHER are The Irie Light ๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒŸ

Never underestimate the true power created withIN YOU.

I AM honored Beautiful YOU are here in this world.

I may be one body, but truly WE are all

of the same One.

Little 'ole me created this WE The People's FREE Free Speech Forum for ALL of Humanity.

My INtentions are purely for The Highest Greatest Good of ALL.

My goal with this particular landing spot is to INspire & INcourage 1 billion souls.

TOGETHER WE Are creating it for what it is & will BE.

Make no mistake, I am NOT perfect, nor do I claim to be an expert know-it-all, but I AM authentically, perfectly ME.

I awoke nearly 35 years ago, was very confused- no one truly has understood... until now. 2020 finally provided MANY with 20/20 vision. I have amassed years of INquisitive learning & I am a Whole Life Educator & Advocate with a HUGE focus on INtegrative & COoperative Whole Health & Well BEing.

We truly need all the help in life we can get to BEcome FREE & INdependent.

My goal is to work myself our of a job with my Whole Health Revolution With 2020 Vision, LLC. is the route to that vision & soul mission.

The Revolution I personally choose to lead is a Revolution of LOVE, PEACE, & HEALING HARMONY.

Collaborators are WELLcome to FREELY share here. YOU are FREE to contact me directly whenever you are ready & choose to do so.

Together, IN HONEST TRUTH, WE Are helping make HUmanity Great again. For far too long WE have been enslaved to economic war$ that lie to us repeatedly to dividing US thinking we are our enemy, while our True enemy lurks in the dark, looting, stealing, pillaging, maiming, raping, & murdering. Everything & every organization we have held dear was slyly infiltrated a VERY long time ago. Not many know that in 1871 we lost our Republic AND TRUE DEMOCRACY with traitorous "representatives" turning our once FREE nation into the USA, INC with the unconstitutional Act of 1871. The NWO Agenda & Plan was solidified with the 1963 Congressional adoption of The Communist Manifesto. Every bill, every act, every policy has coat-tailed these facts. And today we are being injected with the frakenviral ills illegally protected with the unconstitutional Act of 1986.

Together WE Are helping to lead the way out of this ball of tied knots noosing the necks of every man, woman, & child.

Not many realEYES WE Collectively been selling our souls into compulsory

in-doctor-nation segregated schooling by age, class, subject, in many gender & religion, with a massive revival to add color once again. We are NOT a race to be conquered & won, WE ARE ALL HUMANS learning we are ONE. What we each choose to learn for ourselves is birthrighted freewilled choice. BE kind with yourself & others learning AND understanding comes with time.

I do hope I live to see 1 billion souls Light's ablaze. But, I create this here as a cojoining Beacon of Light that will shine far & wide INTO the future after my body releases my spirit & soul. When I go I won't be gone long. I will return in a different YOUnique form. You see to me life is NOT a game to be played nor a race to be won, to me humbly it is a marathon of pace-ance, grace, mercy, & love.

I truly am honored that you join me here because simply I am no-thing without YOU ALL. Every single soul no matter how they are described by any one else, has taught me MANY life lessons that are truly priceless & far outweigh their weight in gold.

๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒŸ You are precious to me and I don't want to keep you, I simply want you to BE exactly who you were CREATED TO BE, BEautiful YOU. So please feel finally free to come & BE here exactly as YOU ARE.

And if no one has told you lately or if ever, YOU are wildly, freely, truly unconditionally LOVED by Indivisble God The Creator of ALL. And... I truly unconditionally LOVE YOU, TOO, just as YOU ARE & WILL BEcome! ๐Ÿ˜

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