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What are WE really afraid of? Fear is an illusion, don't get me wrong: DANGER IS VERY REAL.

As this Friday begins the UPcoming celebration of Our "Independence,"

what does real true Sovereign Freedom actually mean to you?

To me personally I define Sovereign Independent Freedom as the Basic Human Right to our own body, our own rightful property, and our own self responsibility & accountability for the consequences we each choose to create for ourselves that absolutely do affect & INfluence those all around US near & far with the choices we each make for ourselves.

I was temporarily tweaked that MANY Truthseekers & Truth Speakers got the boot from $ocialized media last year, are still under terrorist hijacking attacks, only to start websites with re$tricted $ub$ciption$ to acce$$ Truth, as if Truth & Freedom were ever commoditie$ that are to be bought & $old at fiat ba$ed price$, who are vying for cu$tomer$ & now leading eager follower$ into yet more trapped echo chamber$.

So, I personally chose to create

The First

(that I know of & I have searched high & low)

FREE Free Speech Forum FOR

WE The People Of The World

with my own re$ource$, time, energy, & immense unconditional gift of true authentic love for myself & ALL SOULS HERE IN THE USA & ON THIS ENTIRE EARTH, we all call our temporary home. The environment we each choose to create & choose to live in to me personally is worth sacrificing rejection. TRUTH is my soul's plight, NOT fragile popularity. I AM NOT AFRAID & I AM Anti-Fragile (that's a book btw & well worth the read). Death is inevitable. Fearing death is an illu$ion that ponzy $chemer$ feed off of that has led to $elf con$umption, $elf mutilation, & $elf annihilation that $upport$ our enemie$ withIN who have been & still are hell bent on commoditizing every soul upon this earth, a$ if humans are toy$ & pawn$ to be bought, $old, & di$carded into heap$ of FEMA concentration camp$ a$ if out dated leper$ to be reformed into complete $lave$ to the age-old NWO. Why is it that there are blind $upporter$ to those who want to rule & control the world with their Napolean complexe$ all in hypocritical violent outrage?

The B$ buck stops here:


Feel free to check out

if you choose, wish, care, or dare to expand the current collective conscious awareness.

MORE voices choosing to speak freely TOGETHER are required to re-educate America & Humanity on what formal logic & formal policy debate are, aka TRUE democracy.

The humble vision for The Irie Light is to organically & authentically, by word of mouth & heart, reach at least 1 billion souls.

We human citizens of the US & the World were never Created to become $lave$ to the USA, INC (est. with The Act of 1871) nor The Central Bank$ owned by The Vatican, The British Crown, & remnants of the Khazarian Empire posing craftily as $ociali$tic Marxi$m, aka Communi$m (thanks to politician$ on BOTH $ide$ of the binary-minded ai$le who sponsored, cosponsored, $upported, & continue to $upport the 1963 US Congressional adoption of The Communist Manifesto.

Each living, breathing soul here and on this planet has creative ideas to restore Human's Sovereignity, but we each must be willing to freely, bravely, & boldly conversate WITH one another and ALL as United Humanity. We are the ONE Human race, not player$ of binary-minded competition of game$ that are well known throughout history to have originated from war training tactic$ of capture the flag as if people are fake trophie$ to be won, divided, categorized, and crammed into the darkne$$ of boxe$ labeled with delu$ional illu$ion$.

Together & United as ONE

WE Are The Irie Light

shining true peace & harmony that we wish to create here & in the world FOR US & ALL TO FINALLY SEE AND HEAR & fully experience like we who are living NOW have NEVER known and have intentionally NEVER been taught. "Free" with $tring$ & condition$ is not, was not, & will NEVER be synonymous with True Authentic Sovereign Freedom.

So far there only 2 members, me & one other. It $adly $eem$ & appera$ that WE are among very MANY binarily-minded, propaganda-programmed, methodically INdoctrinated pu$$y cat$ TOO AFRAID to choose to join in real, raw, honest, & authentic conversations about *actual* policie$ & the fine print$ of unconstitutional illegalitie$ that noo$e every man, woman, & child.

Sovereign Human Rights endowed by The Creator

(no matter what any one or any group may call The Immense ONE IT or define The ONE IT for themselves with their loyal tradition$ to religio$itie$)

have been & are being methodically $tripped from Humanity's soul.

According to the "new" law$ the $o-$aid-of-ly 80 + million who have cho$en to be va c c ina ted are now con$idered tran$human$, no longer considered natural humans, & have NO legal rights as tran$human$.

The B$ stops NOW & it starts with me, YOU, & ALL OF HUMANITY.

For God [The Indivisible Creator of ALL, every human, animal, plant, living & nonliving thing Who IS PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE] did NOT *give* us the spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE, and of a Sound Mind."

1 Tim 1:7 (read the entire context of the two books of Timothy, written primarily to his son & any one who reads, learns, & heeds for themselves along WITH a Strong's Concordance to make sense of it for & of yourself. (There are also MANY "hidden" books of The Bible that it & those "oddly" parallel MANY ancient texts & talking rocks. Why? What is it "they" do not want to figure out & learn for ourselves? The answer is easier than MSNY care to admit to thrmselves... WE, ONE & ALL, ARE SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN FALSELY LED TO BELIEVE.)



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