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What is cancer, how do we get cancer, why have cancer rates syrocketed to 1:2? Here is 1 source

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Cancer is taught to be cause by free radicals. Free radicals are simply a form carrying very low energy that attaches to energetical blocks. All of our bodies are created to be able to freely clear free radicals if we are vibrating in a high healing frequency mentally, spiritually, & energetically. The mind & body do what we each mentally tell it with what we choose to perceive, believe, consume, & create.

Nutrition is only one spoke of the wheelhouse of healing modalities. In order to even absorb the nutrients we consume, we must collectively learn there are Neurological energy pathways conducted by trace minerals that are currently being blocked in dis-ease states . It doesn't matter what or how much we put in or cut out if invisible & inaudible blockages that control our autonomic functions are not cleared. Cancer does not lie dormant, & still attaches & does it globbing, tumorous thing sif energetical blocks are not addressed & cleared. An analogy that helps others understand this is a clogged sink. Even plumbers speak Truth that you can pour as much damaging to the environment poisonous draino down your sink, but until the clog is wholly cleared, the drain is still clogged & barely flowing in a very suppressed way. People say, yeah but I put draino down my sink & it's fine, it drains better for a while & I just do draino routinely & it seems to work just fine? (ALL while their drains NOTICEABLY still clog back up regularly.)

Sure, we can choose to ignore the fact that draino (& chemo & radiation) merely melts the trapped goo (while plaquing toxins, poisons, toothpaste, hair, lost ring, what have you) that is still regularly clogging the sink while pouring massive toxic poisons into bodies that dump their toxic waste into our communities & environment (& into innocent bodies in the wake of ignore-ance).

To each his/her own freewill to choose to seek beyond the "too good to be true" pozy $chemed in-doctor-nated "advice, " OR we each can choose to expand our minds & learn that there are other viable options out there with HONEST Scientific evidence & primary testimonials to more than prove themselves of their worth that is more valuable than its weight in gold.

Here is a link to a free booklet with 27 scientically proven herbs & foods (with known healing frequencies) that are well known to help prevent cancer from building up in our bodies from all the illegally "legalized" toxic & poisonous limits that are repeatedly forced into our soil, air, food, water, medicines, & schools at every level of compulsory propaganda...these herds are really just a few that actually help give the body a boost of energy to try to combat what occurs unnaturally in this world we as consumers have allowed to be monopolized & perpetued.

Nutrition AND energy clearing are co-operative and INtegrative approaches that are helping many patients not only with cancer but also with the enormous list of dis-eases rampantly rising in our nation & the world for the past 65-150 years to truly & authentically restore their own health.

If this interests you &/or a loved one is battling cancer, please understand that each soul's due diligence rests on what each soul chooses to seek, research, & learn freely whatever they choose to learn for themselves. While choice is freewilled & within our control, consequences & influences are absolutely unpredictable. 7.8 million freewilled souls absolutely support that basic cornerstone fact.

The HEALY actually puts the "Rife Machine" in the palms of each YOUnique patient!

Please feel free as free as you truly are to explore the tab labeled HEALY Biofeedback from the Main Menu of

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