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What is Epigenetics? I'm glad you's a wee taste to get you started...

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Are you epi-curious about Epigenetics?

Home made is always better tastin' & for ya, and much healthier than store bought. We who know exactly what "natural" flavorings really mean prefer not to be pa$fed of with "it's a $ecret proprietary recipe" only to allow our own body's blueprint toyed with frakensteined & patented "flavorings." People forget a spoon for of sugar helps the "medicine" go down & we also know "arsenic" has long been threaded in to "lace." Dr Jekyll & Mister Hyde are not characters bound to books & hiding out in some secret laboratory lares. They have been "hiding" in plain sight & the sniff of our nose, especially when we ask ourselves, "is it good, to eat" with a whiff.

Try it for yourself, Mikey, you might like it. Research Epigenetics whenever you like & make time for yourself. There is lots "out there" here in this handy box to learn, all we have do is ask & be sure to ask around... duck duck go gives you access to what googly eyes don't show. BEing epi-curious about EPIGENETICS one learns to see, taste, & feel like they have never before in this lifetime that WE've been collectively "taught" to know. You certainly won't find these factual things "as seen on tv" nor sold by "I'm not a doctor but I play one on tv."

Feel free to research the public patent sites for laboratory "natural" flavorings. I did & now I have chicks to be raisin' in my own home whose wings are not quite fully developed yet.

We're heading out for adventures... we chose Whole Life Learning for us & our family 21 years ago & our chicks are doing more than just fine on their own WITH us for the time BEing, testing their wings flying often back home for conversations of the life lessons they are learning. WE naturally invite ALL the conversations they care to share with us & of course we know more about what they are doing & speak with them than others see on their social media. In fact my oldest shared with me last night he completely deleted his Instagram account. The surprise me how the go out on that limb, INcouraging me to take flight on my own. The sheriff's are not the only ones who teach about internet safety.

Kids surprisingly can be parents' best teachers if given the chance to be COMPLETELY heard wholeheartedly. Words are just words until weBEING, choose to adulterate then into matters that they are not. We keep adding more words the more WE learn. Parents who allow their children to co-pilot often produce kids who can pilot okay at first who improve real quick at keeping their wings from being clipped by others "well intentionally" flying near not watching at all where they are going themselves.

Check out what the Field of Epigenetists have cultivated & what they not only have discovered & honestly found, especially about their findings the past 5 years after hearing of the pre-scenes for Cor ona's Vi-R-US Global Curtain Call. 💖🌟

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