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What is mind-heart Coherence?

What is mind-heart coherence?


What WE each & collectively choose to adhere to is massively arising in the collective conscious and revealing misalignments with many "unexpected" triggers.

Nothing happens by coincidence. Everything neglected reveals itself eventually for very Divinely synchronous reasons. Going withIN is not easy but essential, & is the first step to the continual process of deep healing that only happens withIN and radiates out.

How are you feeling with all these swirling energies storming every soul on the planet?

Healy is not only a personal handheld biofeedback medical device, it is a road map that clearly points out where dysfunctional energetical blocks are & are subconsciously tied in knots causing miss-commune-i-cation, a state of BEing that misses our own connection with ourselves.

WE collectively have been unconsciously chaining ourselves to economic slavery for far too long. The UNIverse is conducting a never before INtervention, saying enough is enough.

Self Care is essential care & The Indivisible God The Creator of ALL freely provides us each with an INfinite tool box of INtuitively adaptable energy/spiritual clearing modalities we really need no-thing to learn how to use for ourselves whenever we are awakened to the fact that our own YOUnique healing only comes when we agree to actively join the process that our Whole BEing SO desperately needs.

Many say from their limited perspectives, "I need to see to believe." Well, Proof is in the Waves that are invisible to the eye & inaudible to the ear. Beliefs are much more power than many care to admit to themselves. What we unconsciously dwell on in our subconscious is there & our bodies use what we think as we create our thoughts into our words attached to revealing emotions affecting our heart that have been often stuffed down inside for far too long.

Each soul is completely free to learn whatever we choose to learn at whatever time we choose for ourselves. WE collectively have held the habit of buying INto many beliefs, things, & other people, are we paying close attention to whether each of those is serving us as "well" as we are sold with externally controlling "best intentions"?

Choosing to seek perspectives from all multidimensional sides tends to defy human's limitedly "logical" egoic mind. What we think we are seeking are all clues along the way that have always been right in front of our faces in many "unexpected" places.

To get outside the box one simply has to cross through the door that is ALWAYS wide open to the otherside & to our Higher Selves.

Want to learn more about how you are coherently & incoherently aligning?

The Healy reveals to us our YOUnique current bioenergetic resonance percentages.


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