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What's unconditional love got to do with trace minerals?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Who ever thought that facial masks made with 72 essential trace minerals flip ON the body's Divinely INcoded healing genes that heal lyme's disease?

Whoever thought that heavy metals interfere with trace minerals & that HMs suppress & block clear cellular communication encoded by Our Divinely Created DNA Designed to autonomically heal our bodies? Autism is not a genetic dis-oder, it simply is a symptomatic expression that healing gene code switches are currently OFF.

Dis-ease of any nature is simply a symptomatic non-verbal expression of suppressed, switched OFF healing gene sequences? How do gene sequences get flipped off when we are born with them flipped ON? That is a loaded question filled with answers of MANY toxic & poisonous substances & thoughts driven off illusions, delusions, & irrational fear.

Here's just one testimonial of MANY why daily gentle detoxing is absolutely necessary to remain healthy while choosing to live a thriving life while the toxic $oup continue$ to be brewed, $tirred, & $erved out there.

Wanna learn more than has intentionally never been taught at any main$tream level?

Simply reply & you'll receive the waiting engraved invitation already with YOUR name on it. 🤩

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