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When Life "Crashes" INto Us It May Feel Like The End, But It's NOT....

It's simply a new BEginning unfolding...

Sometimes God The Indivisible Creator of ALL allows situations to crash out of "nowhere" INto us helping us avoid unknowing things of "our plans" that were meant to crush us.

Will WE ever know what WE nearly missed?

This captured image may appear to seem "bad" to some, but it's simply a materialistic thing that exists only here that I will never be able to take with me when I leave on my "last" trip.

Crashes simply allow for re-form-tion of character of the one & ALL ones INvolved.

Monday began with a crash & this past week revealed several others around me who raged at me for not giving my personal power to "insurance" companies to "duke it out," we pay for it afterall for those not allow ourselves to be INvolved in the revolutionary resolution process. What they have forgotten is that "insurance" companies only "insure" to target innocent souls trapped in the middle to pay for what they don't want to rightly pass our fund$ we have have paid them for MANY years. Feeding greed & pride is not my soul's Divine Purpose for My Life. Racketeering "insurance" companies are shark$ $elling lie$ they have their preciou$ly bought politician$ have long weakly built policie$ upon our provoked fear$ that do not really exist at all. Danger, however, is very real & teaches us much more than WE ever will collectively ALL know even if there are plenty of signs. So, why on God's Green Earth would I ever desire to hand my personal power over to some one else'$ fear$? Fear are false $tuff$ weighting & dragging us down if we choose to agree to let them. I personally choose to quickly unpack any fears that reveal themselves to me every time I find them slipped into my bag of life that I choose to hold for myself with this life.

Corona VI-R-US may seem like a tragedy to most "out there," I, too, have "lost" MANY souls I've known to death these past 18 months, it can be heart breaking to me IF I choose to let it, but rather I chhose pray & meditate often giving Thanksgiving for having known them and shared priceless time with them & I pray for God's unimaginable comfort & peace for those hurting & coping with loss. For me, Corona has been personally freeing, like a crowning moment I never would have asked for myself, nor ever "wished upon my worst enemy!" God has prepared me for at least the past 35 years, that I am consciously aware of, that my soul has known & has been deeply preparing for me for my INtire life. 20/20 provided the clear vision to me that the darkness long hidden by age-old entitie$, that I have known from the INside of everything I have ever chosen to experience for myself, that has more than just come to Light... but has also helped US avoid $omething el$e planned to "finally, once & for all, take US out." God's plan for US, one & ALL, is MUCH different & FAR GREATER than any one of US can fully imagine or believe on our own with our own will & limited mind.

What are those things WE as Humanity nearly missed & will WE ever know? Some of US know some of those thing$ created by some one'$, and we don't want to re-mi$$ any of whatever those plan$ were or may have reformed into other plan$ to continually have US de$troy US from withIN. And, some of US who do know no much of it yet, will come to know in OUR own Divine timing, those who are open to the facts that all INfinite possibilities absolutely do exist. Though possibilities they may appear impossible to some, deconstructed as WE "fall" simply reveal that each one of US is actually "I AM Possible." WE are not broken & don't need fixing, WE are simply each one & ALL BEing re-form-ed from the INsideOUT & WE will EACH continually INfinitely re-form as we free willingly choose to do so for ourselves affecting ALL.

Choosing to look out AND INto ourselves & all around US with OUR unbiased Higher Mind reveals in-form-ation that re-forms the characters we have long futilely created ourselves to be for others around us & form INto The Character WE each are actually Created to BE.

Messages to the wise, who choose to listen well, are no mysteries. There are clues all around if we simply choose to seek, look UP for them, see & learn for ourselves. My kids when they were little would ask me, "Mom, the 10 commandments fit on my two hands & are easy. Why is it so hard for people to remember them?" I've shared often it seems it would be easy for us to always remember, but life has a way of provoking us with the unseen of $trung unjust law$ twi$ting us to believe the laws of the land are what we are to abide by even though it would appear these are easy to remember, the true tests in life are to RE-MEMBER them when you feel attacked or or feeling as if you are grayling apart. The world will shout many things to distract you, WE ALL make mistakes that we each get to choose to learn from, or not. That is exactly why God sent His Only Son Jesus, because God knows that under external pressure we can crack...teaching US a simple & clear commandment where none of the others are relevant any longer...The New Covenant of Christ Conscious BE-come more than clear to US, when WE choose authentically for ourselves to allow Christ into our hearts by unlocking the door we unconsciously bar with our minds. Christ Consciousness defined in His New Covenant for US actually corrects ALL unjust laws created as distractions from "way back when" that have long been u$ed by Our Common Enemy that both bind$ US & unravel$ the true 10 commandments. See & feel the New Covenant of Christ is a K.I.S.S. from God Our Creator for US to choose to keep it super simple for ourselves, if we choose to do so or not in this life. The New Covenant simply states to love God with ALL of our heart, mind & soul, AND to love ALL others as God has loved us with pure unconditional love. Life is Hard & Not Easy, And God of ALL is SO Good, not at all like some faulty churches at war with their "blasphemers" & hypocrite radars. Whether we ourselves truly & deeply believe & trust the word of His Son, or not, that WE ALL are God's children, Sons & Daughters EVERY SINGLE ONE, of The Almighty no matter what the world would rather trick us into believing that we are not ALL God's Children. God does NOT own us nor does He ever disown us. Gentiles are not called Gentiles for nothing, gentle is what the Story of the Good Samaritan reminds we can choose to BE for ourselves, or not. I personally don't choose passing by missing the BEautifully unforeseen opportunities that most around call me crazy for seeing & trying to explain their questions that they only have their answers for & often say to me, "Why bother." I also don't choose to be bothered by the inconveniences imposed upon me by others. I simply have always chosen to respond with my heart which others have told me so boldly when I was younger got me in a lot of troubling hot water. That "hot water" actually softened the suffering pains of constrictions, contractions, & restrictions never meant to be created & constructed around me. And it's precisely how I learned for myself, sitting there in "hot water," experiencing for myself who I am Created to BE that has allowed me to rise with the "hot air" to soar through this life relative-ly pain free despite all the "crap" that has been "flung" at me.

OUR perspectives matter & are important to more than observe closely for ourselves, allow ourselves to feel all our feels & learn to pay attention to ourselves. The "unexpected" is Designed to provide pattern INterrupts to remind US that INfinite possibilities, that exist at the edge UP there viewing from our ruts, to lift ourselves UP to OUR true potential to really succeed with pace-ance ALL the way to the "finish" line of this life. God is NOT finished with me, you, or US, & God never, ever gives up, even on the "worst" of US. I refuse to choose to feel again so crushed as I once did (a few decades ago & again last Summer as old shadows came out of woodwoorks attacking me as if I was still who they have created me to be in their minds stuck in the past projecting their ills upon me) as to ever give up or steal my own life that was freely given to me. My soul mission to be here RIGHT not is for those deemed by others as lost, distracted, forelorned, acting crazy, miss-be-having, called poor souls, the possessed, the mind controlled & who are rightfully raging against the machine. They simply have never been allowed to discover for themselves THEIR DIVINELY YOUnique POWER who they truly are & are confused going round & round writhing. I'm here for those who have been bound up, thrown out, & forgotten for far too long. And I am also here for the "know it alls" who think they have leveled UP to all that there infinitely is to level up & are angry at others for doors shutting & not just yet seeing their glass skylights have been busted in the Storms of 2020 & 2021 just awaiting for them to climb out of the life that feel they are drowning in because of someone else.

💖🌟 Unconditional love is hard to hear sometimes. I get it, got it, & NOT afraid to speak the truth to anyone willing to listen or give me "a piece of their mind" that is how WE both help eachother to continually learn & continually heal. Thick skin naturally sheds- unless you happen to miss all those commercials about changing our mattresses often. It us also often said, we make the beds we lie in. It's more than okay to not only change the covers often, but change the beds we have chosen to lie in. Oh words words words... why is past tense of to lay to lie... for another time... my heart & mind are like faucets, it's hard for me to contain the Truth that us INside me.

Until next time, peace IN & peace out.


What you can't see here is the gap all around the door frame nor the bulge inside at my feet that broke the seal. EVERYTHING IS SO INTERCONNECTED, THE SYNCHRONICITIES THAT ARISE OUT OF "THIN AIR" ALWAYS BLOW MY MIND AS MY HEART SINGS WITH PRAISE & JOY. Yes, I have always tuned INto a very different beat and operate on a very different wave length than most others. I am more than okay with myself, NOW more than ever BEfore. Always "take with a grain of salt" what I share. If it resonates great, if it doesn't just yet great. YOU are great to me, always have been... and you will be seen as great to all others again.💖

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