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Nick Santonastasso is one of the most awesome humans on the planet, imho.

He represents the open mindedness of the realms I have long preferred to assemble with.

I chose to join the ground troops consciously at age 15. BEing the change we as humanity says it wants & headed into the vastly multidimensionally INterconnected & naturally INtegrated fields of life where the masses who are struggling act-you-ally exist.

The 1% elites who claim that they dominate the world & have led the masses into suicidal extinction means my fields are abundantly hungry for Waymakers like me & Nick, and others I abundantly & freely share far & wide to cheer not only others UP, but us Waymakers, too.

Dysfunctional systems & dysfunctional rationships are not my jam & never have been. But I can & do honor all systems & all relationships with great respect without nosing myself to them, whether I choose to participate in them for long or not is something I decide in motion. Key word being I participate by not just showing UP but getting to know the inner working of the myriad whys dysfunction fails & the myriad whys function works.

For my first 24 years of life I had to be in the compulsory hells this culture imposes on humans & I learned a whole hellavuh lot while in them.

I learned that dysfunctional mind sets seep into every realm of life & have "infiltrated" healthy systems that had formed outside of dysfunctional systems. Controlling mindsets do not like when they lose control of any one, yet do not control themselves. Funny how that is. Letting go is easy except when others do not want to let go. Try saving a drowning person who cannot just rest & be does not work out well for either the person drowning nor the rescuer. And trying throwing a life preserver to some one screaming help & they refuse to grab onto the life preserver. The hardest thing is trusting that the person drowning will learn their own buoyancy factor in time.

I am not afraid to go into the hells of life to INtuitively bring vitally sound Quantum Biopsychphysiology to the masses & try to do so using as many parallel symbolisms as I can to bridge the gap.

I am well aware of the fact that not only Americans have been long shrouded with Big propaganda albatro$$e$ of paper, have learned to segregate their minds, have very little desire to read public records & study data, & sadly are easily triggered by words, calling anything they refuse to study as woo woo & all negative to be avoided at best.

In order to comprehend energy exchange that occurs psychogically, one must simply know how elements & elemental forms occur & be-have in Divinely Ordered natural ways using POSITIVES & NEGATIVES TOGETHER.

In order for electrons, atoms, & molecules (& nutrient absorption) to move, polarity is needed which is The Law of Opposites Attracting, holding until crossing, & then vitally letting go again, if not inflame-mation is the result.

The Law of Similars in which tried & true Homeopathy be-haves is based on likes attracting one another without being able to get stuck act-you-ally help heal one another through similar experiences...its more of a too close results in repulsion, & not close enough results in no healing effect.

The Law of Opposites attracting is where vital lessons are learned & then naturally by "atmospheric: pressure break apart in order to become their elemental form once again.

People must begin to understand what magnetic resonance is, how energy Divinely be-haves, & how matter itself forms & continuously changes. There is no such thing as all grown UP & then no more growth occurs. Life cannot exist u Der a box without trying to inch its way out from between the cracks. (Crack...I'll save that protector mode gone wrong & drug overdose deaths for another time.)

The human body itself be-haves BOTH on the The Law of Opposites & The Law of Similars as well as on The Law of Amplification & The Law of Multiplication, as well asthe Kaw of Gravity, other Laws & a whole host of not laws, too many to go into here.

No subjects, whether topic matter subjects or human subjects are completely segregated. Even those "off grid" (including terrorist cells) still are impacted by the whole as well as the whole impacted by them.

Creation itself exists with multidimensionally INterconnected pathways of commune-ication, & not just verbally.

When anything becomes too polarly concentrated, The Law of Homeostasis is the default mechanism.

Studying rat be-have-your shows how boxed in mindsets begin to physically self consume...mental & physical sickness is Creations Way of restoring vital balance to the Divine Order of Creation before the rats even start warring with one another. In order for any one to get out of this self imposed death trap, one must learn to see all words & all information as light & sound without bias, and that invisible & inaudible to the current colllective conscious bandwidth EXISTS (echolocation & the dog whistle & the double split experiment are three easy examples). The collective must consciously expand & begin to learn the frequency of the Divine's Peaceful Order by assimilating integrative & cooperative understanding.

As long as there is an imbalanced polarity toward one's own mentality in falsely believing that only all positive or only all negative is all that exists & all that is to be aimed for is psychologically programmed binary mindedness is the grave digger.

Hard Truth?

Yep, & some one has to speak it in order for the Collective Consciousness to Expand away from the "only this or that" conditioning of one's egoic mindset is not absolute fragility. It is Nassim Talib's "Antfragile" in which the thematic moral is to abdandon the or and embrace the and. The Only Absolute that exists is The Divine Order which includes EVERY THING & EVERY ONE temporarily.

Even rocks erode back to trace mineral form.

All any of us are guaranteed is limited time here to experience whatever it is that we choose to experience that The Divine Order put into motion when we arrived. There are vast reasons for diversity that disassemble syllogistic logic patterns that conformity neglects & thus perishes for wantonness & self righteousness.

The only person who can save the self is the self, if & only if the self wants to be saved.

Suicidal tendencies are gravely misunderstood, as are addictions to outdated protector modes of living in the past with the inability or desire to learn from the past the vital lessons it holds for NOW that most definitely effect the future.

Darwin's Theory of the survival of the fittest is on trial right now unlike ever before, like it or not, believe it or is not in the human survival mode that humans survive by way of operating using only the sympathetic nervous system, on only essentially 4 control switches out of the complete main frame that otherwise produces longevity. It is human thriveability that operates using the parasympathetic nervous system in which ALL switches FLIP ON to regenerate itself in motion as challenges arise.

Stop while the body does stay in motion, YES & smell the roses of Life & learn that life itself is also full of necessarily vital protective thorns.

Learn how to learn to use integrative cooperation with Creation & all of Humanity & Harmonic Homeostasis will balance Creation out quite peacefully & nicely.

Too many of us have gone through way too much preparation gaining skills through experienes & have Divinely survived in order to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps & through all of this out to the otherside into a state of Thriveable Consciousness.

"Waiting for Superman" is both futile & is also a documentary worth looking deeper into gambling with education & its long term grave results of doing so.

Please understand this, while I do speak hard truth, if you REALLY KNOW ME then you know that I Unconditionally Love all souls & freely respect each person's Divinely birthrighted freewill choice.

Nothing I say is meant for any other reasons than to freely share for those who are drawn here wanting to learn more with us free learners & my intentions are ONLY EVER FOR THE HIGHEST GREATEST GOOD OF ALL, WHICH IS GOD'S WILL.

Please take only what resonates with you & simply leave the rest so that others can also glean whatever it is they choose to glean from any thing I or any one else shares.

I am well aware that I am an anomaly & have only ever found a few handful of people who can co-create such vastly open minded conversations & love doing so with all subject matter without becoming triggered by baylonese's confusing multiple meanings of words. We simply say what we mean & if there is a slight bump in meaning we can quickly reorientate using clarification.

Definition is not hard to meet & flow with grace.

Where debate becomes statically cacophonic is when someone is triggered to the point that they lose control of their emotions & simply need a break to hold space for themselves to allow their feelings to sort themselves out.

Humans have a propensity to gravitate toward comparison & get stuck not realEYESing that simmmilarities already exist.

Explaining this across different subject matters' grammar constructs is not easy, but is a challenge I find fun when in think tanks that love this kind of challenge. Otherwise, it takes a whole lot of centering to hold space for those who choose internal mental tug of war as their playing field.

Please understand that I mean no harm in presenting the facts that multiple viable & nonvolatile solutions exist when the right connections are naturally nurtured. Holding onto anything that is naturally & metamorphically reassembling itself, like human natural growth patterns, only creates extrinsic orientation which is like your phone map being 10° off & has one going round & round never getting to where one is Divinely meant to be. Recalibrating one's own Divine compass intrinsically simply means to align oneself with The Creator, whatever that is to you, & stop fighting Creation's Divine Order. Which in the case of where we are at as a human species means to stop participating in any & all dysfunctional systems. That is a very questionable feat to do in just this life time. The hope is that by the end of this decade The Ship will have turned 180°.

Yep, we'll see how it goes as we each go along. I am much more hopeful than you may be perceiving in reading this...I am simply raw, real, & authentically honest whether any one believes what I do is worthy or valuable or in accordance to their beliefs does not bog me down. Yes, I do need to rest & utilize a lot of self care so as not to get *drug* down below baseline.

I simply follow The Indivisible Creator God of ALL's INtuitive direction which inevitably challenges my beliefs as well as every one elses. Is Life easy for? Nope. Is Life Fun? Yes, MOST of the time.

Believing that life is fun simy depends on if you believe challenges without externally prodded competition are fun or not to you. I play games for fun, not to keep score. Score for me is purely for self analysis & nothing else. Trophies & accolades do not hold precedence for me. What holds precedence for me is a willingness to learn.

Check out Nick here & find out what it is that he does to be his own Super Human Hero & learn some of his insights tgat you can thus INtuitively adapt into your life. The only accountability that ever truly matters providing long lasting viable results is self (intrinsic) accountability.



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