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You're right on time, your YOUnique Divine time

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

It's not always easy to BElieve.

BEliefs can be observed from the center point of our soul through meditation, anywhere, anytime, sitting, standing UP, laying down, walking, moving, dancing.

Which BEliefs do we hold for ourselves?

Which ones serve us & others well?

Which ones do not serve us & others well?

Observe & examine which beliefs are yours & which ones you picked up from others?

Identify which BEliefs you want & need to keep & which ones you want & need to let go?

In observing closely our own perceptions, beliefs, & thoughts,

we allow ourselves to get really, authentically real with ourselves & others.

The details of life are often very difficult to comprehend in connection to the bigger picture of life itself that far extends our personally created perceptions about life; however, life is also YOUniquely BEautiful for what it is as a whole.

True change, true metamorphosis, true conscious evolution occurs over time, happening withIN each soul & INherently radiates out.

Choosing pace-tients, kindness, & true unconditional love together are the healing elixir of life that assists us in our journey.

Breathe freely.

Life is not about the destination.

Choose to INjoy the journey for the present NOW moment that it IS.


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